Digital Nomad Destinations: Canggu (Bali, Indonesia)


If you’ve been a digital nomad for a while, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Bali, the beautiful island that has become the digital nomad hotspot of the World for many reasons.

Perhaps it has to do with the vast oceans, rich jungles, astonishing black sand beaches, or the abundance of peace one can easily find on the island. Above all this, Bali is popular also due to its extensive nomad community.

The area of Canggu has a warm community of freelancers and entrepreneurs that have discovered the undeniable beauty of the place and currently call this place home. But why are Canggu and Bali so special?

Here are 5 reasons why.

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The Weather

The weather is often a common factor for all these top nomad places. BUT, how can I put it into words… Bali is on a completely different level.

Canggu and all the other areas of Bali will welcome you with warm and pleasant weather, even during the “cold” season. This is not really an accurate description of the season since the temperature usually doesn’t go lower than 21°C at night. In other words: if you like summer and warm places, don’t think it twice.

But if you feel like it’s too hot for you sometimes, simply pay a visit to the mountainous areas. It’s very common for the temperature to drop to 10°C at night, so you have the best of both worlds in one place.

The Prices 

Living in Canggu is relatively cheap. Everything from accommodation to a well-deserved massage is between a medium budget, so you won’t need to spend more than in other nomad destinations.

But just like with any other place, you can always find lower prices if you look good enough or if you’ve been living there for some time.
Accommodation here can cost you anywhere from 250 to 300 USD for a private room and bathroom, but you can definitely find cheaper options.

The Digital Nomad Community 

As I mentioned before, Bali and specially Canggu have a flourishing nomad community so even if this is your first time moving abroad by yourself, it won’t be hard to find people to connect with that are just on the same journey as you. 

The best way to make some friends is to sign up for a coworking space or visiting some of the cafes that are popular among nomads. Some good options are:

The Food (and Drinks)

Indonesian food is a delight, and in Canggu, you can find many restaurants called “Warungs” where you’ll find good meals for a very low price (between 4 and 6 USD). Make sure to try this first, although you can also find other cafes and restaurants that won’t get that expensive either.

Distant Crew tip: try their local beer, it’s called “Bintang”. It costs around 2 USD and it’s quite good.

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You won’t get bored

No matter what, you’ll always find ways to spend your free time. The abundance of nature in the area makes it a perfect location to spend long periods of time and the friendliness of the people will make you feel welcome as you enjoy the space. 

Some of the most popular activities in Canggu and in the rest of Bali are:

  • Exploring the remote lakes, 
  • Doing yoga surrounded by nature, 
  • Hiking up volcanoes, 
  • Surfing, 
  • Relaxing in the abundant and beautiful beaches, 
  • Visiting the many rooftop bars in the area, 
  • and much more!

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