Unique Work-From-Home Playlists to Help You Focus (2021)

Music is wonderful. It takes us back in time and gives us motivation for the future. The benefits of music are far beyond those of entertaining. In reality, music can also increase our productivity and turn a regular working shift into something much more special.

In the previous editions of WFH Music, we brought you the best genres to tune up your remote working day. This week, we want to give you something a little different.

If you’re bored of the same old tunes and would like to try something new, it might be a great idea to check out some of these not-so-obvious playlists we got for you.

Let’s go…

Retro Electric

Oh, the ’80s… many will agree that this decade was one of the greatest for music production. We all know the classics, but as we said previously, background music works best when it just blends away and causes no distractions.

The next playlists are great for the fans of the classical 80’s sounds but are a bit bored of the regular songs we all associate with this decade. Picture Stranger Things’ soundtrack. Instrumental but still with some kick to it.

Here are some playlists for you:

Space Ambience

We talked about Ambient music before. But, do you imagine working or studying to the sounds of space?

We found some awesome playlists that combine spatial sounds and white noise to take you on a galactic trip, a very productive one! This is perfect if you are in a noisy environment since the white noise will block all the annoying sounds so you can focus on what matters.

Check them out:

Our own playlist curated to take on a Distant Space journey and help you focus. Listen on!

Video Game Music 

Who said that film scores are the only source of cinematic music? Video games can have some pretty awesome music too.

If you enjoy playing videogames, you know how important music is to allow a full immersion in the game. That’s why this type of music is ideal for working or studying.
The best part? there is plenty of variety in this genre. From epic soundtracks to relaxing melodies to galactic sounds, there’s a lot to choose from.

There are our favorites:

Your Favorite Music 

Alright, I know! This is supposed to be an article on playlists recommendations, but it turns out that listening to your favorite tunes while working or studying has many benefits, for example:

  • Lifting your mood and relieving stress. 
  • Associating positive feelings, hence stimulating your creativity. 
  • Making sure you won’t have to skip the song every once in a while, so you can focus entirely on your tasks. 

We recommend creating specific playlists with your all-time favorite songs but in an instrumental version. This way, you’ll avoid getting distracted by the lyrics. 

Spotify has a bunch of instrumental covers, just take a quick search and add them to your playlist. 

We hope you’ll have a week full of music and creativity. Make sure to come back next week for more recommendations!

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