Running Low On Creativity? – These Playlists Might Help


Don’t you hate it when you need to work, but your brain is just… empty?

It seems that our mind falls blank in the worst moments. Perhaps you have an article due tomorrow or an important presentation to prepare. We often get frustrated and angry, which makes things worse. 

The key to deal with a drained brain isn’t to “wait for inspiration to come”, but rather to relieve the pressure and stress. Most people attempt to do so by taking a break to check their Instagram feed but find themselves even more drained after. 

We want to suggest something different: a musical break.

What is a musical break?

Every time you feel like running out of ideas and start to get frustrated, try this:

  1. Stop everything you’re doing,
  2. play some nice music and focus on it for at least 15 minutes,
  3. go back to work while keeping the music on 

If you’re in a rush you might not want to take a break at all, but remember that a drained out brain will always be less efficient. Sometimes it’s better to pause for a bit to bring the creativity back. 

Want to try it? Let’s begin with these awesome playlists.

Happy Classical 

We’ve said it before. Classical music is proven to enhance creativity and relieve pressure from the brain. Happy Classical music with a fast tempo has proven to enhance worker’s mood and allow them to be more productive.

We’ve covered classical music in previous editions of WFH music, so we’ll just go straight to the point and leave you with some great classical music playlists.

Positive Vibes 

When you’ll be taking a musical break, it might be a great idea to listen to optimistic tunes. Maybe even dance a little!

We have found some playlists that scream good vibes to help you let go of all the pressure. Check them out.

Mindfulness and meditation

Although this a music recommendation post, we’ll like to bring you something a little different.

You probably heard that meditation is a fantastic way to clear your mind and let go of negative thoughts. Contrary to what you might think, meditation doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. The goal of meditation is to practice mindfulness, a state of relaxation in the brain that can be learned and practiced.

Can you practice mindfulness listening to a podcast, for example? Yes, you can. Here are some excellent options:

Nostalgic Vibes 

What’s better to bring positive energy than listening to songs that bring back good memories? Here are some nostalgic playlists of songs that probably made you wanna dance in the past.

Don’t forget to come back every week for new work-from-home music recommendations!

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