10 Playlists for 10 Remote-Working Situations


Working from home… It’s so lovely until it’s not. 

We all know by now the struggles that come with working remotely especially if you’re new to it. Luckily, we’ve been creating a collection of emergency playlists to get you through the day better than any cup of coffee. If you’re into knowing what the experts say about listening to music at work or you desperately need to update your library, check out the previous WFH playlists editions. 

This time we’re bringing back the 10 playlists – 10 situations game, this time with more playlists to add to your collection. Based on our team’s suggestions we came up with some of the most common -and often annoying- situations that tend to come up while working from home and found the best matching playlist for each of them. 

Jokes aside, music has a powerful effect on us since it can improve our cognitive functions and productivity. Working from home allows us to be in full control of the music selection which means you can use it to your advantage whether you’re trying to relax, be more productive, or simply entertain a little. 

Here are our 10 playlists of this week.

1. When you drank three cups of coffee but still miss your bed 

2. When you realized you left everything for the last minute 

3. When you’re supposed to “brainstorm” but all you want is to watch TikToks 

4. When there’s too much office drama on Skype and you want no part of (but still read every message)

5. When it’s raining and you’re having a nostalgic working day 

6. When things get too stressful and need to clear your mind a little

7. When you’re mad at your boss but still need to be nice 

8. When you haven’t read our work-life-balance articles so you end up working ’till 2 am 

9. When you just got a new flexible remote job on our website!

10. When you’re done for the day and deserve some nice music to celebrate

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