Digital Nomad Destinations – Tallinn, Estonia

Looking for an unconventional nomad destination? This time we’re bringing you a beautiful medieval city with a buzzing nightlife and high-tech clusters that make it a great place to work from. We’re talking about Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. 

Tallinn is located in Northern Estonia just off the coast of the Gulf of Finland and it’s a city that’s gaining popularity mostly due to its high-tech clusters of companies that operate in the area. The city has been called the future Silicon Valley of Europe, which is a big name to hold given its relatively small size. Whether this is true or not, Tallinn is surely an interesting city that not many people talk about. 

When we think about digital nomad destinations, we usually think of white sand beaches in tropical countries, but not everyone is into that. If you’re looking for a different shot in a colder but still vibrant city then Tallinn might surprise you. 

In this short guide, we will talk about the pros and cons of living in Tallinn as a digital nomad and give you some tips on where to stay and work from. Let’s kick things off with some pros and cons. 

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Pros and cons 

Tallinn is sometimes called the most preserved medieval city in Europe, but many complain that it gets pretty cold in the Winter. Let’s put everything into a balance:


  • Great digital infrastructure. Estonia is known to be very tech-driven, meaning that finding a job here is relatively easy and most of the migratory paperwork can be done online.
  • Rapidly growing economy. Tallinn has caught the World’s attention as a business center opening the door to many international companies especially in the digital scheme.
  • Spacious and not crowded. Tallinn is a small to medium-sized city with less than half a million inhabitants which makes it a great place to live if you don’t like big crowds.
  • The majority of people speak English. Education here is great, meaning that the majority of people -especially the young ones- speak English and other languages too. 
  • Cheap costs of living. Tallinn is for sure the most expensive city in Estonia, but it’s still affordable compared to other European capitals.
  • Great location. Traveling to other cities and countries near Tallinn is easy. You can visit Finland, Russia and other countries in a breeze. 
  • Easy e-residency program for digital nomads. The Estonian government has launched the e-residency program to attract digital nomads into their country which makes things easier.
  • Very LGBTQ+ friendly. Religion isn’t so widespread in Estonia, meaning that there are fewer belief discrepancies in the society.


  • Not many big cities within the country. Tallinn and Tartu are the biggest urban areas in the country. 
  • It gets very cold in the Winter. The average weather in the Winter is below 0 °C or 32 °F during the day.
  • Prices are increasing due to their proximity to Scandinavia. Given the city’s location, prices are currently on the rise and might continue to do so as the economy improves. 
  • Small nomad community. Estonia isn’t at the top of the list for digital nomads, which also makes it an exciting place if you ask us.
  • Not much to do in the city. This depends on your perspective, but some nomads have complained that there isn’t much to do there while others enjoyed the many forests and beaches, as well as the vibrant nightlife during the summer. 
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The Money Situation 

Estonia and Tallinn specifically fall within the medium range when it comes to prices. Salaries are fairly high which tends to make prices go up. However, compared to other European capitals, Tallinn is still considered a budget-friendly city. Here are some numbers to clear this out:

  • The average cost of living for a nomad – 2,100 EUR / month 
  • One-bedroom apartment in the center – 490 EUR / month
  • Average dinner price – 8 EUR / person 
  • Beer – 4 EUR 
  • Coffee – 2.50 EUR 

Best places to work from in Tallinn 

The availability of coworking spaces is a top priority for most digital nomads. Luckily, Tallinn has many options for you to choose from. Some of our favorite ones are:


Probably the most known and best coworking space in the city. It has two different locations with prices that go from 17 EUR / day to 200 EUR / month 

Spring Hub 

Another great option if you’re looking for an office near the city center and with a modern and cozy vibe to it.

24/7 Office (Nõmme)

A modern a cozy shared office that is open 24/7 for all those late-night nomads. 

Should I move to Tallinn?

Tallinn is a great city to live in, especially in the Summer. Although we wouldn’t consider it as the first choice as a digital nomad destination, it’s definitely a unique place that will offer a refreshing and unconventional experience for any nomad. 

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