10 Spotify Playlists for 10 Relatable Home-office Situations


A new week of remote working has begun and with it the usual -sometimes very annoying- things that come with working from home. Is there any way to get through the week a bit easier? Sure, with music!

We have created an extensive library of Work-From-Home playlists ready for you to hit play, and this week is no exception. If you’d like to check our previous versions of WFH Music go here. 

This time we’re once again looking at those very common remote working situations as suggested by you on Instagram and matching them with the perfect Spotify playlists. Although we love working remotely, there’s no doubt that it can get frustrating at times. 

To put you in a better mood and start your week with the best positive energy check out this week’s playlists.

1. When the sadness hits you right after waking up but you need to work

2. When you hate video-calls but you have five of them in one day 

3. When your laptop decides to do an update right in the middle of a task

4. When your internet sucks so you can’t get anything done 

5. When you miss working at cafés but you know… lockdown

6. When you’re so bored that even math class seems more exciting 

7. When your colleagues annoy you more than the usual

8. When you really need a nap even though you know it’s not a good idea 

9. When the weather outside is great but you gotta stay home and work 

10. When you realize how cool your job is and you just want to enjoy it!

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