How to Find an Internship in Microsoft?


Want to do an internship in Microsoft? I am pretty sure the answer would be “yes”. Who would not say that? Everybody knows Microsoft. Even now I am typing this article on a software developed by Microsoft. It is an American tech giant founded by Bill Gates, headquartered in Washington. Any tech savvy person or IT student would be extremely happy to work here. Not only seasoned professionals, Microsoft also welcomes interns and new graduates to their offices. If you are one of the students who want to find an internship in Microsoft, please take a look at this article.  

Where can you do your internship?

Microsoft has 177 offices around 96 countries. Each one of these offices hires different numbers of interns depending on their vacancy. You can choose to work in any continent that you like. However, the office in Redmond, Washington has the greatest number of vacancies available for interns.  

In What Fields?

Microsoft hires interns for technical, business and managerial roles in a variety of areas such as engineering, supply chain, data science, IT operations, finance, marketing, sales and services. The company is mostly looking for researchers and if there are graduate students who are interested in research, this might turn out to be a great opportunity. Do not think that Microsoft is only for people with a diploma. There are vacancies available for people who did not go to college, too. Go check out their job offers publishes on their website.

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The Recruitment Process

It might differ from person to person and from office to office, but the recruitment process consists of 3 – 4 steps which could take, on average, 4 – 8 weeks or more.

Step 1: Resumés, Cover Letters and Referrals

Keep you resumes short, concise and on the point. It should not be longer than 2 pages and the information on the resume should be tailored to what you think Microsoft is looking for. Do not just recite what you did, explain the impact of the project and what you learned from this experience.

Step 2: Online Assessment

When you submit your CV, you will receive a link where you can complete an online assessment aimed at determining your behavior style in a workplace. During the assessment, be as authentic as you can and do not try to be someone different.

Step 3: Phone or Video Interview

There might be a live phone interview with questions about the projects you have worked on. Or else, there might be pre-recorded questions that you have to record your answers to. If you pass this step, they will invite you to a live video interview.

Step 4: On – Site Interview

The on – site interview takes a whole day and there will be multiple interviews. On the first one, you have to present your portfolio and your work. The following interviews are intended to determine your technical knowledge and to know you as a person. The key to your success is preparation. Prepare for your presentation and potential interview questions and get feedback from other people. If you pass the first three steps, in some cases, a recruiter from Microsoft will call you to help you with the last on-site interview.

Be your authentic self and do not lie or exaggerate what you have done on your CV. What you have done and how much will be revealed when recruiters ask you in – depth questions about the projects. Know the projects you have worked on. If you have forgotten some things, remind yourself every little detail and how you have contributed, what problems you have encountered and how you have solved those. Do your homework. Know the company. Everybody yet nobody knows Microsoft. Find out about their mission, their goals and their values from their website. If you prepare yourself well, there is no reason why you can not do your internship in Microsoft.

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