Remote Work Idea: Content Writing


Remote work is here. Many people are turning to remote work because it allows people to balance their work and home responsibilities. If there is anyone who is creative, strategic and likes to write and is looking for a remote work, content writing might be a fit for you.

Whom is it for?

We are living in the era of content. Everybody is reading, watching or listening to something all the time. Everyone has a Youtube channel, social media page, blog or a podcast they follow. All of these need the work of a content writer. If you are passionate about writing and creating, you can make content for website articles, blog posts, scripts for podcasts etc. If there is a message that a certain company or brand wants to communicate with words, there is a need for a content writer. It is a very broad field, and you can get specialized in an area that you like the most. 

To create content for a company or a brand, you need to know the target market. The tone and form of your writing will depend on the audience. You need to understand the values of the brand you are creating content for and align your writing with it. Do your research. Interview people, stroll through the internet, get feedback, look at tips and suggestions. Once you have a clear idea what you are going to do, you can start writing. A content writer should be able to write succinctly with the goal of entertaining, engaging and educating the audience. Create a connection with your audience. Your content should have a point. What do you, as a content writer, want the audience to do after reading this content? 

Another thing to pay attention to is how readable your content is. If there is just a one block of continuous long sentences, it will be hard for the audience to read through. Make your writing easy to read. The readers should be able to easily skim through the article in order to decide whether to read it fully.

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How to get into content writing?

In order to find a job as a content writer, you should have your niche and be specialized in a certain content format. For example, you can choose to write user guides, blog posts, or advertisements. Find a field that you want to specialize in such as health, fintech, government, or banking. This will help you look for a job and it will help the companies to look for you.

Not only a good writer, you need to be a strategist. Know what kind of content is popular and when. Plan and promote your content. Again, this is a question of research. How does your intended audience get their news? When are they most likely to read your content? What are the words that they search on Google? What are they most interested in now? Do your research, get an idea, make a pitch to companies, create your content and then measure your result. What is working? What is not working? Be a strategical writer.

You can either be a full – time content writer or a freelancer. If you decide to go full – time, you will have a consistent pay and an opportunity to specialize. If you decide to be a freelancer, there is more freedom, but it can be stressful to find a job.

The first thing you can try to do to find a client is to get in contact with your past or current employers. Get in contact with small businesses. Check job and freelancing sites.

If you are someone looking for a remote work and if you like to do research, learn new things, get your creative juices flowing and share what you have learned with others, content writing could be a fun job.

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