Top Summer Internships to Consider in 2021


Now that you know all about summer internships and what to expect as an intern, let’s get to searching for the best summer internship out there!

Here are the most sought-after summer internship options available this year:

1. Facebook

As Facebook describes it: “World-class mentors, our open culture and opportunities to make a real impact are just a few reasons why our intern program was ranked #1 by Glassdoor two years in a row. Discover for yourself what makes interning at Facebook the ultimate learning experience.” Seems like a pretty hard-to-beat program, right?

2. Pfizer

Based in New York City but with a global presence, Pfizer is one of the premier companies lately for their top-notch coronavirus vaccine. “Pfizer is a great place to begin an engaging, rewarding, and productive career—whether you’re a recent college graduate ready to start your life’s work or currently attending college and eager to find a summer job that’s rich with the promise of a bright future.” They have several programs for university students, including a Digital Rotational Program, Digital Internship Program, and the US Summer Student Worker Program.

3. Google

Nothing looks quite as good on a resume for future careers than a Google internship. Unfortunately, thousands upon thousands of applicants are interested in joining the Google team, so it’ll be a difficult road, even toward internship eligibility. However, if you have the skills they’re looking for and can write a compelling resume and cover letter.


In my opinion, which is admittedly worthless, there’s nothing cooler than working at NASA. Imagine working on the Mars Rover or researching solid propulsion systems. And, you’d get to work in some of the most technologically advanced locations, including the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Langley Research Center, John C. Stennis Space Center, and Goddard Space Flight Center.

5. Amazon

The innovative online retailer and business technology provider, Amazon is a great place to work for summertime interns. Aside from the intern opportunities, they provide students full-time roles in engineering, research, business, and technical areas, as well as opportunities for undergrads to explore at Amazon Fulfillment Centers, delivery stations, and inside their Amazon Web Services (AWS).

6. Apple

Another of the highly popular programs, Apple’s summer internships offer training while working essentially as an entry-level employee. Undergraduates and grad students can sign up for summer projects, and Apple also has co-op programs during the academic year.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to locate internships, but it’s also a great place to work as an intern. With openings to explore across technical, business, and creative areas, it’s definitely one of the professional programs you must check out.

8. United Nations

“If you are thinking of entering the world of diplomacy and public policy, an internship at the United Nations could be the ideal start for you.” If you have excellent skills in either English or French, are not related to a UN Secretariat staff member, and are in your final year of a bachelor’s degree program or enrolled in a master’s or PhD program, why not participate in the UN’s mission?

9. Tesla

With Tesla, you have the opportunity to work year-round, rather than just during the summer months. However, they hire during only three seasons per year in the United States (Spring/Winter, Summer, and Fall). In the US, intern programs range anywhere from 3-12 months in length, while in Europe, each one is about 5-6 months long.

10. World Health Organization

The work of the World Health Organization (WHO) is extremely important, as we’ve seen over the past year during the coronavirus pandemic. “WHO’s Internship Programme offers a wide range of opportunities for graduate and postgraduate students to gain insight in the technical and administrative programmes of WHO while enriching their knowledge and experience in the health field, thereby contributing to the advancement public health.”

11. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Just about the most well-known museum in the world, New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, known simply as “The Met,” offers internship opportunities for high school students and college attendees with interest in design or art related careers.

12. The New York Times

Straight from the Gray Lady itself: “Our program is a 10-week, paid program that takes place at our headquarters in New York City. Opportunities include our Technology, Advertising, Marketing, Product and Design and Data teams.” And, in this age of disinformation, misinformation, and fake news, you’ll be part of one of the best guardians of facts and truth on the planet!

13. Unilever

As a major multinational corporation, Unilever has opportunities for students with future career paths in almost every field. There are internships in marketing, research and development, customer development, finance, supply chain, human resources, communications, information technology (IT), legal, and procurement.

14. Uber

Uber careers are some of the most lucrative opportunities out there, and they have a wide variety of internships available. There are co-op programs, MBA internships, and graduate programs across fields like engineering, data science, product management, marketing, operations, and finance.

15. Samsung

Samsung internships are really more like prized startup jobs. You get health benefits, summer outings, commuter benefits, relocation assistance, and even a gift from Samsung (new phone, perhaps?). Available year-round and worldwide, they have available openings to apply for in engineering, design, and research.


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