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This flexibility is ideal for many employees who perhaps, because they have young children or for another reason, either cannot or prefer not to work outside the home. – Jeff Bezos

On the verge of the new rising remote age we are devoted in increasing the talent pool aiming literally the world! Distant Crew started in the early 2020 as a result of a strong match between the visions of Capitalico Ltd. and a two more tech savvy co-believers. All we agreed to bet on remote work future! Working for years in a constant talent-shortage economy, while always striving to hire the best people, we started to develop our new distance proof approach.

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We will build your team remote or on-site in any location in the world.

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Remote Team

Whether you want to hire just one software developer or set up a cross-functional dedicated software development team - our cooperation model is flexible enough to meet your unique needs.

Staff Leasing

We will hire the people and will lease them to your business. We will take care about documents, social payments and institutions – You will pay us the salary, securities and our comission as a single amount.

On site Recruiter

Onsite recruiter is a cost effective outsourced recruitment function replacing the need of hiring new specialist for the Client’s team or improving the quality and effectiveness of the existing hiring activities.


We combine the effectiveness of the direct search and the traditional approach of targeted advertising. Before the start of every search we ensure a detailed understanding of our client business specifics and needs

Market Research

We will research a specific labor market and create a special report for your company. Then you can compare in which country is better for you to hire, or you can simply go Remote and expand your talent pool with thousands of new people!

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Adam Mik

Marketing Specialist
You will find him on any social media network

Ioana Rosca

Business Developer
A Romanian Sales Guru

Tsvetelina Mladenova

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Get ready for a stunning interview

Nour Moulahi

Social Media Marketer
Social Media Master of Internet

Abderrazzaaq Asmouni

Marketing Specialist
One more Marketing Specialist

Anastasia Salera

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Get ready for a stunning interview

Bermet Bedelbekova

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Taking the HR services at a new level

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